01.07.'09 There are now a few more mp3s available to download and the merch section has been completed. We really don't play anymore, but our merch will be still available to order. (For Aussies: You can order our second album for 10 Aus$ incl. postage within Aus.)  
08.02.'08 The date for the last show changed to Friday the 22nd February and we will play at AGH and not at the basement bar. But Köpi is Köpi, has been Köpi for 18 years and will stay for ages!!!  
05.02.'08 On Saturday the 23rd February we will play for the time being our last show. The guitar goes abroad and until now nobody knows if or when he will come back. We don't say we split up we will just have a creative break.  
03.01.'08 Our new album is out now. You can order "Against it" from Yellow Dog Records, Plastic Bomb Records or from us.  
13.12.'07 There are two new songs ready to download from our upcoming album. It have to be ready to order the next week(s). What did I write below? End of summer? Tststs....Cheers  

Now we are four guys left in the band. Our female singer doesn't sing with us anymore.

In this week, we will finish the recordings of our new album "Against it". We just needed one year, har har. Typical punk delay. Hopefully it will be released in end of summer. Who knows?