To order any of our stuff just mail to: Ask for availability of the seize you want. Occasionally, we sell jumpers, hoodies and girlie shirts as well, ask for if you are interested. Prizes may vary a little bit due to increasing costs. We try to keep it as cheap as possible. Cheers  
The first studio longplayer "How to tell bad news..." Almost 40 min. and 15 Sonx. 6€ per piece. Record dealer pay 5€ per piece. (only vinyl)
Bild ist 12 x 12 cm groß

Our second longplayer. "Against it". Short 30 minutes of Punk/Hardcore. We sell it for 6€. If you order it from abroad it may cost more....cheers (also available from and )

Split 7" ep with "Room 101" from Schönebeck(R.I.P.). 3 sonx each band . A benefit ep for the anti-Covance campaign (Covance is a vivisection company). It's released on Veganarchy Records . 3,- €. (vinyl)
Bild ist 12 x 12 cm groß
Soli CD for the anti-fur campaign "Offensive gegen die Pelzindustrie", the Stopcox song is a tad older version of "Socialphobia). 6,-Euros.

The Remix CD of 12 Stopcox songs plus one unreleased "real" Stopcox Song. This music is something between 80's Jahre Electro Pop, Elektro Punk and Toy-Keyboard.(about 60 minutes)
5,-€ (Record dealer pay 4,-€ (CD)

  Third T-Shirt:"Equality" T-Shirt in S,M,L,XL; as longsleeve, as jumperr hoodie. White print on black ground. In front is our banner. Backside is the picture: "Equality doesn't mean..."
Stopcox_shirt_equality... -back
  Second T-Shirt. "Behind the holy mask..." Only white print on black ground. 7€.
Stopcox Shirt Behold the happy mask of capitalism
  Stopcox "Fist", Showing-off rip shirt for real blokes.
Stopcox Fist
  "Consume or die" in S,M,L,XL; Shirt, Longsleeve, Hoodie, Windbreaker, schwarzer Stoff mit weissem Druck.
Stopcox Shirt Consume OR Die
  Stopcox "Fist", Shirt, hoodie, Girlie-shirt